Win2003 & Traps 5.0.11 can’t checkin

2021 Apr 30 12:13:48.750+08:00 Server1 [5976:3240 #14:14] {trapsd:Communication Heartbeat(scheduled)} <Error> URIStreamOpener failed for url= due to an SSL error (0): SSL Exception: error:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed


Windows 2003 SHA256





Adobe Reader DC create MSI for GPO Update

Download full exe installer, AcroRdrDC1900820071_zh_TW.exe

Download 32bit patch, AcroRdrDCUpd2100120150.msp

decompress AcroRdrDC1900820071_zh_TW.exe to D:\Step1\

Create D:\Step2\ & D:\Step3\

cd D:\Step1
# msiexec /a AcroRead.msi

Install to D:\Step2\

Copy AcroRdrDCUpd2100120150.msp to D:\Step2\

# cd D:\GPO Test\Adobe Reader\Step2
msiexec /a AcroRead.msi /p AcroRdrDCUpd2100120150.msp

Install to D:\Step3\

Copy D:\Step2\AcroRead.msi to D:\Step3\

Step3 is the new installer with patch 2100120150

Fortigate SSL VPN

FortiOS 6.2

VPN -> SSL-VPN Portals -> Create New

VPN -> SSL-VPN Settings

User & Device -> User Definition -> Create New -> Local User

Policy & Objects -> IPv4 Policy -> Create New

If we want to go to internet thought SSLVPN

VPN -> SSL-VPN Portals

Disable “Enable Split Tunneling”

Policy & Objects -> IPv4 Policy -> Create New